How to Get $AVXT?

Players need $AVXT to start Avaxtars
To enter the Avaxtars Universe and you need at least one Gen2 Character.
Gen2 Characters are on sale on the Avaxtars Marketplace
To buy a Gen2 Avaxtar players need to have some $AVXT
Here are several different ways to get some $AVXT
  • Buy $AVXT with $USDT on MEXC (Central Crypto Exchange - CeX)
  • Buy $AVXT with $AVXT on TraderJoe (Decentralized Exchange - Dex)
  • Buy $AVXT with $AVXT on Pangolin (DeX)
  • Buy $AVXT with $AVXT on YetiSwap (DeX)
  • Buy $AVXT with $YTS on YetiSwap (DeX)
  • Swap $AVXT with $AVAX on Markr.io (Asset Management Service)