$ENXT is the Energy Token of Avaxtars and many interactions requires $ENXT
Avaxtars $ENXT Symbol
Completing missions and joining to PvP matches requires energy. Another important token of Avaxtars for this energy requirement is $ENXT.
$ENXT has not a hard cap.
The balance of the $ENXT ERC-20 contract will always be zero. When the $ENXT earned in the game is withdrawn to an on-chain wallet such as $AVXT, this amount of $ENXT is minted by the contract and transferred to the user’s wallet. When $ENXT is deposited from an on-chain wallet to the game wallet, that $ENXT is burned on-chain and added to the user’s in-game wallet as a balance.
Users are free to use their $ENXT assets in their non-game wallets as they wish (establishing pools, trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges, etc.).
$ENXT Generation
$ENXT, like $AVXT, can be generated by in-game dynamics or will be given as an extra reward to those who meet certain criteria.
We’ll reveal the details of the special devices we’ll be offering in-game to generate $ENXT later.
For the reward system, For those who provide liquidity to the $AVXT-$AVAX pool on Pangolin, TraderJoe or YetiSwap, will earn $ENXT that equals to the same amount of $AVXT they provided liquidity to the pool for every 24 hours. Due to changes in $AVXT and $AVAX valuations, there may be changes in the contributions of our users who provide liquidity to the pool. The prizes we give will not be affected by these changes, the amount of entry to the pool will be important.
For example, a user provides liquidity into a pool for 20 $AVXT and equal amount of $AVAX. This user will earn 20 $ENXT every 24 hours. This reward will expire when the liquidity provider leaves the pool. In partial exits, the reward will be calculated again considering the $AVXT amount as of that moment.
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