Digital Genetic Code ($DGC) has a critical role on Avaxtars Progress
Avaxtars $DGC Symbol
The most basic component that generates Avaxtars is the Digital Genetic Code (DGC). DGC has an important role in Avaxtars and Gen2 characters can be developed using $DGC.
In a structure like $AVXT and $ENXT, $DGC will be produced and consumed in-game.
$DGC will not have a hard cap.
The balance of the $DGC ERC-20 contract is always zero. When the $DGC earned in-game is withdrawn to an on-chain wallet such as $AVXT and $ENXT, this amount of $DGC is minted by the contract and transferred to the user’s wallet. When $DGC is deposited outside of the game to the in-game wallet, this $DGC is burned on-chain and added to the user’s in-game wallet as a balance.
Users are free to use their $DGC assets in their non-game wallets as they wish (establishing pools, trading on centralized and decentralized exchanges, etc.).
$DGC is generated by in-game dynamics, like $AVXT, or will be distributed as an extra reward to those who meet certain criteria.
There are three ways to earn $DGC.
Failed PAGM processes will reward $DGC
The Avaxtar Farming (AF) process, which is carried out using the PAGM device and two Gen1 Avaxtars, has varying success rates depending on the rarity level of the Gen1s used, and all PAGM owners, without exception, can occasionally get unsuccessful results. On the other hand, PAGM devices spend considerable time analyzing the digital genetic codes of the two Gen1s to generate a new one. We can see that some of the analyzed code can be recovered, even if it fails to generate a new Gen2. This amount will be determined by the rarity of the Gen1s used. The table below shows how much $DGC can be recovered.
Unfortunately, the records of Gen1s placed in PAGM devices during the early period when PAGM processes began in Avaxtars were corrupted due to the first wave of the Quantnet frequency wars. For all these records, PAGM holders will be awarded 50 $DGC for related transactions. Yes, starting with the first failed PAGM and retroactively, all PAGM holders will receive their rewards :) From now on, new failed PAGM transactions will also generate $DGC in the specified amounts.
Using PAGM for $DGC generation
During their research, our scientists discovered that Gen2 Avaxtars were insufficient to create new Gen2 characters. Further investigation, however, revealed that Gen2s could be used to generate $DGC.
By locking two Gen2 characters into a PAGM device and waiting a certain amount of time, any player will be able to generate $DGC. Unfortunately, this process will not award $AVXT as it did for Gen2 production, but thanks to the tremendous efforts of our scientists, there is no risk of failure in the production of $DGC with PAGM devices. The rarity level of the Gen2 characters used in the PAGM device determines the amount of $DGC that can be produced.
The table below shows the amount of $DGC that can be produced using two Gen2 and PAGM as a result of extensive research.
The production times are the same as those required for Gen1 production as shown in the table below.
Our scientists have discovered that this process can be accelerated by 20%, 40%, or 60% by paying $AVXT as in the Gen2 production process and at the same cost.
$DGC Generator
Finally, we have a mechanism in place where non-PAGM players can generate $DGC as well. The $DGC Generator is a unique device that generates $DGC by copying the digital codes of Gen2 characters. However, this is a time-consuming and laborious process. This process will take 7 days and will yield the following amounts of $DGC depending on the Gen2 rarity used.
We will reveal the cost and other features of the $DGC Generator device at a later stage.
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