Avaxtars Token ($AVXT) is the main token of Avaxtars
$AVXT Symbol
The main token of Avaxtars is $AVXT, which was created on the Avalanche network using the ERC-20 standard.
The hard cap of $AVXT is one million (1,000,000) and each $AVXT has six decimal places. These decimal places are referred to as XT. 1 $AVXT equals 1,000,000 XT (think of it like a penny)
Only 200,000 $AVXT were minted at the time of this article; 800,000 more will be minted eventually, and no new $AVXT will be produced after that.
In May 2021, two months after Avaxtars launched, we completed an AirDrop to all Avaxtars owners for 10 $AVXT per Avaxtar. Exactly 57,670 $AVXT has been distributed to players.
We also distributed 5,395 of $AVXT through the Social Media AirDrop campaign. 4,800 of these tokens were not withdrawn to on-chain wallets on time and we removed those AirDrop from those inactive users back to Game Pool.
The most important way to earn $AVXT is to get it with the dynamics in Avaxtars.
Players may currently obtain boxes using Gen1 Avaxtars’ BoxDrop ability and open these boxes to obtain $AVXT. However, this is only a temporary solution because each Gen1 character’s BoxDrop ability has a limited number of uses.
Another important way to earn $AVXT is to use PAGM devices. If a PAGM device achieves a successful result by using two Gen1s, it generates a new Gen2 Avaxtar with some $AVXT tokens as a bonus.
$AVXT can currently be spent on Marketplace to acquire PAGM devices, boxes obtained with the BoxDrop feature and other game assets. $AVXT is also the only way to speed up PAGM processes.
All the $AVXTs spent in-game and 5 percent of $AVXTs spent in the market go back to the game pool and continue to be earned by the players.
You can see many of these statistics in real time on our statistics page.
Some portion of Avaxtars Statistics Page
For many reasons we do not create a liquidity pool on a centralized (CeX) or decentralized (DeX) exchanges, but currently you can buy and sell $AVXT using the community created pool on several different DeX applications and MEXC. You may find links to those websites on the Avaxtars Links section on the left side.
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