BoxDrop Feature

BoxDrop is a unique function dedicated for the Gen1 Avaxtars only
Gen1 Avaxtars has a special ability called BoxDrop. This ability let players to get a special Box from their Gen1 Avaxtars.
Gen1 Avaxtar Detail Page with BoxDrop Claim Button
Good to know: If a Gen1 Avaxtar uses BoxDrop ability it cannot be reverted! Gen1 Avaxtars with unclaimed DropBox rights have the most valuable listings on Marketplace.
Gen1 Avaxtars with different rarity levels may claim this BoxDrop several times.
  • A Common Avaxtar may claim 1 BoxDrop
  • An Uncommon Avaxtar may claim 2 BoxDrops
  • A Rare Avaxtar may claim 3 BoxDrops
  • An Epic Avaxtar may claim 4 BoxDrops
  • A Legend Avaxtar may claim 5 BoxDrops
Because every Avaxtar can drop different numbers of boxes, the total number of boxes from BoxDrop Feature is limited to 18.600. Here is the table with the Avaxtar rarities and total boxes.
Boxes from the BoxDrop feature have 4 different Rarity Levels which are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.
Every box will drop a different amount of $AVXT Tokens and other items. Here is the information table.
Whenever a player will use this special ability, That Gen1 Avaxtar drops a special box which will include some $AVXT Tokens and other items corresponding to the rarity level of those boxes.
BoxDrop is a random process thus the rarity level of an Avaxtar will not affect the drop quality but their rarity level affects how many times they may use their BoxDrop ability.
Based on the total number of boxes and rarity amount, the chance of any Avaxtar getting a box are as follows:
BoxDrop Rates by Rarities
Good to know: If you are going to buy a Gen1 Avaxtar on Marketplace please consider if the BoxDrop feature was used before or not.
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