Avaxtars NFTs

All the game assets in Avaxtars are ERC-721 NFTs
Everything started with the creation of the first 10.000 Avaxtars. We are calling this process as Phase 1. All of the Avaxtars created during Phase 1 are Generation 1 (Gen1) Characters.
Gen1 Avaxtars
Every Avaxtar has a unique Digital Genetic Code (DGC) and it is guaranteed that all of the Avaxtars are different than each other and unique. In addition to that, every Avaxtar has a rarity level.
— Common
— Uncommon
— Rare
— Epic
— Legend
Avaxtar Rarities: Avaxtar rarities defines the amount of them and all different rarities have a success rate that affect many things in the Avaxtars Universe. Here is the Avaxtar Distribution Table by rarities and their corresponding success bases.
Avaxtar Rarities & Success RatesG

The Use of Gen1 Avaxtars

Gen1 Avaxtars are very special and can be used for several applications in Avaxtars Universe.
  • They can be used within Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine (PAGM) to create a new generation (Gen2) Avaxtars. This process let players earn Avaxtars Token ($AVXT) or generate Digital Genetic Code Token ($DGC)
  • They can drop special Boxes
We'll cover all the topics in details step by step.